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As a trusted coin shop in East Ocala of Marion County, Shores Pawn & Jewelry buys and sells collectible US coins, bullion and paper money.  Although walk-ins are welcome, we advise making an appointment so that we can give you uninterrupted attention.  Contact us today to make a no-obligation appointment to buy or sell coins or bullion.

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Coins, bullion, precious metals, and collectible banknotes are a safe and lasting investment.  Shores Pawn & Jewelry is a coin shop that offers competitive rates to our customers in the Central Florida area and beyond.  Whether you’re a coin collector or an investor in precious metals, our store is here to serve your needs.  If you’re looking to sell, we also buy coins and bullion, as well as offering pawn loans.  We also sell, trade, and lend on other precious metal items.  See what we buy, sell, trade and pawn below.

The value of gold and silver bullion is determined by today’s spot price, the weight of the item, its purity and its rarity.  The gold and silver spot price can be determined by referencing market websites, like Kitco or Coininfo.  The rarity of a coin, or its numismatic value, is determined by its age, bullion content, design, mintage, mint location and condition.  Numismatic value can be affected by other factors besides the precious metals content.  Their value can be much higher due to mint errors, like die breaks, misaligned dies, clashed dies, rotated dies, and mules.

Although our coin shop primarily deals in coins that contain precious metals, we are also interested in them based on their rarity.  Whether your coins or bullion are in holders graded by services like NGC or PCGS, or if they’re in bags, we’re a coin dealer who takes them.

Today's Precious Metals Market Prices

On mobile devices, this chart is best viewed in landscape view by rotating your screen.  This precious metals market price chart is provided for general reference only.  For an accurate offer for your coins, bullion or jewelry, please bring your items to our store.

If you make an appointment, we can conveniently provide you our full attention!

US Coins

Collecting coins has been considered “the hobby of kings”.  Coin collecting has been a timeless and productive hobby throughout history.  In almost all cultures there have been those who have sought after old and exotic coins, although it has been prohibitive for those who weren’t wealthy due to their typical gold or silver content.  Collecting coins is still a great pastime because it provides us a window into history, art, culture, politics and economics of our country.  Whatever way you collect or deal in coins, we’re a coin dealer that wants to assist in your endeavors.  Below, we provide a list of coins we’re currently interested in.

coin dealer with morgan silver dollars
Morgan Silver Dollar

Gold Coins

  • Gold dollars
  • Quarter Eagles
  • Half Eagles
  • Eagles
  • Double Eagles

Silver Dollars

  • Flowing Hair (1794-1795)
  • Draped Bust (1795-1804)
  • Liberty Seated (1840-1873)
  • Trade (1873-1885)
  • Morgan (1878-1921)
  • Peace (1921-1935)
  • Eisenhower (1971-1974)

Half Dollars

  • Flowing Hair (1794-1795)
  • Draped Bust (1796-1807)
  • Capped Bust (1807-1839)
  • Liberty Seated (1839-1891)
  • Barber (1892-1915)
  • Walking Liberty (1916-1947)
  • Franklin (1948-1963)
  • Kennedy (1964-1970)


  • Draped Bust (1796-1807)
  • Capped Bust (1815-1838)
  • Liberty Seated (1838-1891)
  • Barber (1892-1916)
  • Standing Liberty (1916-1930)
  • Washington (1932-1964)


  • Draped Bust (1796-1807)
  • Capped Bust (1809-1837)
  • Liberty Seated (1837-1891)
  • Barber (1892-1916)
  • Mercury Dimes (1916-1945)
  • Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964)


  • Shield (1866-1883)
  • Liberty Head (1883-1913)
  • Buffalo (1913-1938)
  • Jefferson (1938-1964)

Small Cents (Pennies)

  • Flying Eagle (1856-1858)
  • Indian Head (1859-1909)
  • Lincoln Wheat Cents (1909-1958)

Large Cents

  • Flowing Hair (1793)
  • Liberty Cap (1793-1796)
  • Draped Bust (1796-1807)
  • Classic Head (1808-1814)
  • Liberty Head (1816-1857)

Half Cents

  • Liberty Cap (1793-1797)
  • Draped Bust (1800-1808)
  • Classic Head (1809-1836)
  • Braided Hair (1840-1857)


  • Twenty Cent Pieces (1875-1878)
  • Three Cent Pieces (Nickel and Silver) (1851-1889)
  • Two Cent Pieces (1864-1873)


  • US commemoratives
  • Confederate currency
  • Modern silver dollars

Mint Sets

  • Uncirculated mint sets
  • Uncirculated proof sets
  • Circulated year sets

Tokens and Medals

  • Civil War tokens
  • Transit tokens
  • Other US tokens/medals

Coins in Jewelry

Shores Pawn and Jewelry is also a Gold Buyer, that buys fine and scrap gold jewelry.  If you have coins that are fashioned into, or placed in, jewelry, we would also be interested.  Find out more on our Gold Buyer page

Bullion and Precious Metals

There are many financial benefits to owning precious metals.  Are you in the market for gold or silver bullion?  If so, Shores Pawn and Jewelry is a coin shop that offers gold coins and gold bars, as well as silver coins and silver bars.  Before you buy large amounts of bullion, you can contact us to find out the best investment for your situation.  No matter whether your considering bullion bars or bullion coins, they are a more stable investment than national currencies.  See some of the options we provide below.

credit suisse gold bars in marion county florida
PAMP Suisse 2.5 Gram Gold Bar

Gold Bullion Coins

  • Gold American Eagle
  • Gold Buffalo
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Gold Krugerrand
  • Gold Panda

Gold Bars

  • Credit Suisse
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Perth Mint
  • Engelhard

Platinum Coins and Bullion

  • Platinum American Eagle
  • Platinum British Royal Mint
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Platinum Austrian Philharmonics
  • Platinum Chinese Yuan
  • Platinum Bars

Silver Bullion

  • Silver Bars
  • Silver Rounds
  • Silver Ingots

Foreign Coins

Collecting coins from all over the world is a great hobby because it provides us a window into the history, art, culture, politics and economics of other countries.  Some collect coins from countries they’ve visited, while others collect coins from other countries due to their beauty or numismatic value.  Some people collect coins and bullion with lower numismatic value to make their collection more affordable, while others collect coins with higher numismatic value because of their interest in the rarity of the coins.  For whatever reason you’re after gold and silver foreign currency or bullion, our coin shop is here to supply your needs.  See a list below of gold and silver foreign coins in which we’re interested.

canadian maple leaf coin dealer in ocala florida
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Gold Coins

  • Mexico Pesos
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Australian Animal Coins
  • Great Britain Britannia
  • Chinese Panda

Silver Coins

  • Great Britain Britannia
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Australian Animal

US and Foreign Paper Money

US Paper Money

US paper currencies involve a rich history of the United States of America.  Our use of paper money dates all the way back to the American War for Independence, including short-lived continental notes that were used to finance America’s revolution.  The US Treasury Department printed the first US paper currency in 1863, which were called “Fractional Notes” because their denominations were less than one dollar.

collectible us paper money dealer gold certificates
US Gold Certificate

Shores Pawn & Jewelry is your local US paper money dealer, interested in buying and selling a large variety of collectible US paper monies.  Here is a sample list of US paper money in which our store is interested.

  • Colonial Notes (1690-1700s)
  • Confederate Currency (1861-1864)
  • Fractional Notes (1862-1876)
  • Gold Certificates (1865-1934)
  • Large Silver Certificates (1878-1923)
  • Small Silver Certificates (1928-1964)
  • Continental Notes
  • PMG Graded Notes
  • Uncut Currency Sheets
  • Hawaiian Federal Reserve Notes
  • Collectible Currency Bundles

Foreign Paper Money

Shores Pawn & Jewelry is also a foreign banknote dealer, interested in buying and selling foreign paper money.

Visit our Foreign Paper Money page to find out more about the types of foreign paper money in which our store is interested.

collectible zimbabwe banknotes dealer in ocala
Zimbabwe Banknotes

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