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We’re not only interested in buying gold.  We are also interested in purchasing other precious metals and items.

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Find out if your jewelry is really gold.  Bring your jewelry by and we’ll professionally test your gold, silver, or other precious metals at our store and provide you a real offer.  Even if you have no intention to sell or pawn your jewelry, you can still bring it to our store just to find out if it’s the real thing.

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If you have scrap gold, fine gold jewelry, or gold coins lying around in your house and you’re looking to turn them into cash, you can bring them to our store, conveniently located in Ocala, Florida.  We pay top dollar for fine and costume jewelry, and we’re interested in all types of jewelry!

Other Options for Jewelry

We also offer jewelry modifications, repairs, and cleanings.  If your jewelry is broken or the wrong size, you can drop it off at our store and we’ll make it look brand new

Frequently Asked Questions

At Shores Pawn & Jewelry, we’re happy to answer all of your questions and help you out in any way we can.  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, which we hope will help you.  If you have more questions, let us know!

There usually is not a straightforward way to determine the value of jewelry.  There are many factors that can affect its value, such as the gold market rate (see the gold spot price here), the gold purity, the weight, accompanying precious stones, and whether or not it has resale value.  Although a quote cannot be provided without us first seeing your gold jewelry in person, You can get a free, no-obligation quote at our store today!  We can also offer you an amount to sell it, to get a cash loan for it, or to trade it for something at our store.

A pawn shop is more than just a gold buyer, because at a pawn shop you have the option of getting a cash loan for your gold.  Both pawning and selling your gold jewelry can provide a great solution when you’re in a pinch and need some money right away, but there’s a difference between them.  Normally, unless you have a loan history, you’ll get more cash if you sell your gold, as opposed to getting a cash loan.

When you sell your gold, you receive money in exchange for your item, which will then be legally owned by our store.  On the other hand, when you get a pawn loan for your gold at our store, you still own it.  However, you have a limited amount of time to repay the loan, or to make an extension payment within the agreed timeframe, so that you can redeem your pawned item.  You can also extend the due date with a payment, and you can pawn your gold more than once if you encounter financial problems later.

With the value of gold higher than it has been historically, and based on the gold market trends, most experts agree that this is a great time to sell any unwanted gold jewelry. Keep in mind that the value of gold is affected by economic and political situations, as well as the gold market.

Selling your gold to an online gold buyer can save you hassle, since you can ship it from your house, possibly free of charge.  However, selling your jewelry to a local gold buyer is quicker and more convenient compared to selling your gold online.  Selling jewelry online can potentially take weeks.  You’ll need to ship your jewelry to various online buyers just to find someone who will pay you a fair amount to purchase your gold.

There are other factors to consider.  If you take your jewelry to a local gold buyer, you won’t need to be as concerned about dishonesty and fraud since your jewelry won’t leave your sight.  Finally, if you take your jewelry to a local gold buyer, you can get paid in cash the same day, instead of by direct deposit, check or an online money transfer method.

If you have jewelry that you aren’t wearing or using anymore and want to turn it into cash, you can simply bring it to a gold buying pawn shop for a no-obligation quote!  As opposed to selling it privately, if you sell your jewelry to a pawn shop, you’ll be selling it to someone who is reputable, who has proper tools for testing, and who will treat you fairly.

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