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Shores Pawn and jewelry is your local collectible foreign paper money dealer in Ocala, Florida.  We buy and sell valuable and rare banknotes from a variety of nations.  Whether you’re buying, selling, or wanting a pawn loan for your foreign paper money, make an appointment today to see what we can offer.

collectible foreign paper money in ocala florida

Your Foreign Currency Dealer

Shores Pawn is a foreign paper money dealer that buys and sells a variety of foreign paper money.  We offer paper money from Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Iraq, and sometimes have other currencies available.  We deal in various types of banknotes, including errors, radar notes, uncut sheets and graded notes.  We are primarily interested in uncirculated notes, without damage, wear or creases. Having spent decades buying and selling coins and currency, Shores Pawn & Jewelry is an experienced and trusted dealer, who has provided authentic collectible currencies for its customers.

shores pawn and jewelry collectible foreign currency dealer

Zimbabwe Dollars

Although the Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) has no currency value, the currency is highly collectible due to its history of hyperinflation because of the country’s lack of money printing regulations.  Popular denominations of this currency reach up to 100 Trillion, and also include smaller denominations, like 50 Trillion, 20 Trillion and 10 Trillion, as well as smaller denominations like Billions and Millions.  “Zims” began to be minted in 1980, when Zimbabwe gained its independence, and their minting ceased in 2008, when the currency collapsed and the country shifted to dependence on other currencies.

Shores Pawn & Jewelry is your local Zimbabwe banknotes dealer in Ocala Florida.  Our store is primarily interested in denominations of 1 billion or larger.  Make an appointment today with Shores Pawn & Jewelry to buy and sell Zimbabwe notes.

shores pawn and jewelry 100 trillion zimbabwe notes dealer
Zimbabwe One Hundred Trillion Dollars note
shores pawn and jewelry 50 trillion zimbabwe notes dealer
Zimbabwe Fifty Trillion Dollars note
shores pawn and jewelry 20 trillion zimbabwe notes dealer
Zimbabwe twenty Trillion Dollars note
shores pawn and jewelry 10 trillion zimbabwe notes dealer
Zimbabwe Ten Trillion Dollars note

Vietnamese Dong

The Vietnamese Dong (VND) has been unified Vietnam’s national currency since 1978.  The word “dong” comes from the Chinese word for “money”.  Although lower face-value notes were issued initially, due to inflation, Vietnamese Dongs are found in denominations up to 500,000.

As your local Vietnamese Dong dealer in Ocala, Florida, our store is interested in any denomination of one thousand or higher.  Call us or contact us online today to make an appointment to buy or sell Vietnamese Dong.

shores pawn and jewelry 500 thousand vietnamese dong dealer
Vietnamese 500,000 Dong note

Iraqi Dinars

The Iraqi Dinar (IQD) is Iraq’s national currency since 1932, when it replaced the Indian Rupee.  Dinars can be found in denominations as large as 50,000.  After Saddam Hussein was deposed in 2003, Iraq began printing the new Bremer series of notes, which are currently in use.  Due to depreciation and inflation there is indication of a redenomination of Iraqi Dinars.  However, the expected revaluation will likely not include a redenomination, although there are some who hope for a future revaluation of Dinars.

As your local Iraqi Dinar Banknotes dealer in Ocala, Florida, our store is interested in any denomination of the newer style of Iraqi Dinar issued since 2013.  Make an appointment today with Shores Pawn & Jewelry to buy or sell Iraqi Dinars.

50000 iraqi dinar banknote dealer
Iraqi 50,000 Dinars note

Venezuelan Bolivars

Introduced in 1879, the Bolivar is Venezuela’s official currency.  In 2008, the Hard Bolivar replaced the original Bolivar, which was then succeeded by the Sovereign Bolivar, or the Bolivar Soberano, in 2018.  Due to inflation, denominations as large as 500,000,000 Bolivars are available.

Shores Pawn and Jewelry is your local banknote dealer of Venezuelan Bolivars, interested in denominations of 1,000,000 (one million) or more.  If you’re looking to buy or sell your Bolivars, make an appointment today.

venezuelan 500 million bolivars shores pawn and jewelry
Venezuelan 500 Million Bolivars note

Indonesian Rupiahs

Introduced in 1946, the Rupiah is Indonesia’s official currency. It is issued and controlled by “Bank Indonesia”.  This currency replaced the Indonesian Dutch East Indies Guilder in 1949 and was used in conjunction with other currencies in its earlier years was.   The name “Rupiah” comes from the Sanskirt word for silver.  Rupiah banknote denominations range from 100 to 100,000 Rupiahs. 

As your local Indonesian Rupiah dealer in Ocala, Florida, our store is interested in denominations of fifty thousand Rupiahs or higher.  Call us or contact us online today to make an appointment to buy or sell Indonesian Rupiahs.

collectible indonesian rupiah dealer in ocala florida
Indonesian Rupiahs

Other National Currencies

Shores Pawn and Jewelry is also interested in other national currencies.  Although many other currencies rarely have a significant collectible value, we still often pay exchange value.  Other foreign currencies in which our store would be interested include:

If you have any questions regarding our interest in your foreign currency, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We offer great deals and aim for 100% customer satisfaction.  Whether you’re selling, buying or trading, let us know how we can help.

500 euro banknotes dealer in ocala florida
500 Euros

Your Local Coin Shop in Ocala, FL

Shores Pawn & Jewelry doesn’t just deal in foreign currency.  It is a coin shop that also deals in US coins, US bullion, and collectible US paper money.  Find out more about the US currency in which we’re interested on our Coin Shop page.

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