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Shores Pawn & Jewelry in Ocala, FL is a Professional Gold Buyer

Is it real?

Find out if your jewelry is really pure gold, pure silver, or real diamonds at Shores Pawn & Jewelry in Ocala, Florida. We can tell you if it's real, whether or not you intend to sell it.

What is it worth?

Sell your jewelry for top dollar! We can't say what it's worth because worth is relative, but you can bring it by to find out how much we would pay for it. You won't be obligated to sell or pawn it.

Get it repaired instead?

If your jewelry is broken or the wrong size, instead of selling or pawning it, we can repair it for you so that you can wear and enjoy it.

We Buy Gold, Silver and Diamonds

Get Top Dollar for Your Scrap Jewelry or Fine Jewelry

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