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How Pawn Loans Work at Shores Pawn & Jewelry in Ocala, FL

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If you’re not sure how pawn loans work, we can help.   Pawn loans at Shores Pawn & Jewelry in Ocala, Florida are an easy way to get quick cash.  A pawn loan is a collateral loan.  You bring things of value, we give you cash for them, and we hold the items until you come back and pay off the loan.  

When you bring the items to Shores Pawn & Jewelry, we’ll assess them and make you an offer based on the value of the item.  The loan amount is based on the value of the item, the age, the condition, and the demand.  There is a minimum pawn amount of $10.00, but we have no maximum.  If you agree to the amount offered, we’ll give you cash and a contract.

Within 30 days, you can either make a payment to get another 30 days, or you can pay the amount due to get it out.  When you come back and pay off the loan, we’ll immediately return your items.  Until you come back, we’ll keep your items safe and in the same condition in which you brought them.  Shores Pawn & Jewelry is fully insured for the full amount of the collateral.

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Cash Pawn Loans at Shores Pawn and Jewelry

Shores Pawn & Jewelry Makes It Easy to Get a Pawn Loan!


Find Something

Need to know what is valuable? check our list of what you can bring.


Bring it to Us

Bring your item to Shores Pawn & Jewelry. There's no obligation to sell or pawn what you bring. Don't forget you'll need a valid ID.


Get Cash

We'll assess the items and make you an offer. You can sell the items or get a pawn loan. You must be 18 years old to pawn or sell to a pawn shop. You must be 18 to sell a firearm and 21 years old to pawn a firearm.


Pay off the Loan

You have 30 days to make a payment or to get your items back. We accept cash, debit cards and credit cards.