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Sell Gift Cards for Cash in Ocala, Florida

Did someone give you an unwanted gift card for your birthday or graduation that you’ll never use?  Are you looking for somewhere that you can sell your gift card?  Sell a gift card for cash, or sell a merchandise return card for cash at our store.  Instead of leaving your unwanted retail gift card sitting around because you have no use for it, turn it into cash with instant payment.  Bring it to Shores Pawn & Jewelry in Ocala, Florida, the number one gift card buyer in the Ocala area.

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Beware of Gift Card Buyer Fraud

It’s difficult to avoid the many online gift card buyer scams, and there are many fraudulent buyers who say they buy gift cards, but who will fraudulently steal the information off the gift card and then not pay for it.  eBay is also a difficult gift card selling platform because buyers will steal the information and then return the card to the seller with a zero balance.  Gift card owners must also consider the lower offers of gift card buyer kiosks, as well as their unreliable functionality.  Shores Pawn & Jewelry is one of the top trusted gift card buyers.  We pay money for gift cards regularly, along with providing a pleasant experience.

Gift Cards we're Interested In

Shores Pawn & Jewelry is interested in gift cards, merchandise return cards, and gift vouchers.  We’re also interested in cards from a large selection of retailers and sales venues.

We’d be happy to purchase a gift card from you!  Contact us today and find out if your card would be of interest.

Before You Stop by...

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If you’re planning to come by our store, that’s conveniently located in East Ocala, Florida, to sell us your gift cards, make sure you call us first!  We don’t purchase all gift cards without discretion.  A few common reasons that we wouldn’t purchase a gift card might include:

Although we cannot guarantee that we’ll purchase your gift card without seeing it in person, you can call ahead of time to see if we’ll be interested in your gift card, and to get a price range.  While you’re at it, if you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to ask while you have us on the phone.  We’re happy to help and to earn your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Shores Pawn and Jewelry, which has proudly been in business for over 19 years, you can only imagine the amount of questions we’ve been asked over the years about gift cards. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about exchanging gift cards for cash, and we hope it answers some of yours.

The best places to take your gift cards to sell them for cash are at local pawn shops and gift buyers. Not only are they more convenient and less risky, but they tend to try and exchange more cash for your gift cards than online websites. 

The best option to get the most out of your gift card or merchandise return card is to use it at the store that provided the card, where you’ll be able to utilize 100% of its value.  On the other hand, gift card buyers vary in what they offer.  Although online gift card buyers tend to offer more than local buyers, selling locally is a lot less stressful and risky.  Online gift card buyers also might add additional fees for shipping and for payment processing when paying you for your gift cards.

Going to a gift card buyer to exchange your gift cards for cash is a much easier and faster solution compared to trying to sell them yourself online. That way, you won’t have to wait long periods of time for your gift cards to sell online and deal with lowballers, you’ll most likely getting more cash if you go to a gift card buyer.

Most pawn shops and gift card buyers prefer having their customers to call in advance about the gift cards they want to sell. Walking into a store that exchanges gift cards for cash could end up being a disappointment after finding out that they won’t take your gift cards, so it’s always rule of thumb to call before you visit. 

Pawn shops are a great place to go to if you’re looking for affordable gift cards for friends, family, or even yourself! Purchasing gift cards from a pawn shop is always easier and reliable compared to purchasing them online from sketchy and risky sellers. 

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