ScubaPro Scuba/Snorkeling Set: Fins, Boots, Snorkel, Mask and Bag


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Specific Item Information

  • A set of ScubaPro scuba equipment, including fins, boots, snorkel, mask and bag.
  • Size small.  Please refer to ScubaPro’s sizing charts to confirm correct sizing.
  • Equipment is in great condition with some light wear, scratches and scuffs throughout.
  • Everything works great.
  • The equipment needs a good cleaning.
  • Bag has some fading from the sun.
  • $350.00 total retail value

About These Items

ScubaPro Jet Sport Open Heel Fins, Small – Pink

The ScubaPro Jet Sport Open Heel Dive Fins provide speed, power, and maneuverability in a lightweight body. The wide and slightly stiff blade is great for swimming in current and rougher waters. Divers who prefer frog and dolphin kicks, as well as cave or wreck diving, will enjoy ScubaPro Jet Sport Adjustable Dive Fins for their versatility and maneuverability. A soft rubber foot pocket molds to your foot shape for comfort. There’s a non-skid pattern on the bottom to prevent slipping while walking on land. Other features include drag-reducing vents, an adjustable strap and quick-release buckles for easy donning and doffing.

MPN: 25.879.200

GTIN: 4048336323758

Approx. $90.00 retail



The popular Delta 5mm dive boot, updated for 2019, maintains its sturdy but flexible outsole and rubberized protective armor, yet still feels very light on the foot. A revised ankle diameter and new contoured top improve fit and make sliding the YKK zipper up and down even easier. The full cut design creates a comfortable, cramp-free fit, even for wide-shaped feet. The reinforcement on the top of the foot provides both cushion and protection against the edge of the fin pocket. The boot’s anti-slip tread is non-marking, a feature boat owners always appreciate. Offering lots of protection and comfort, the next time you’re diving cold water or traversing rocky shorelines, you’ll be glad to be wearing your Deltas.

MPN: 57138600

GTIN: 4048336411868

Approx. $65.00 retail


Scubapro Spectra Dry Snorkel Pink with Quick-Release Snorkel Holder

The perfect way to enjoy effortless breathing when snorkeling on the surface. The ideal snorkel is always within easy reach and ready to supply lots of dry airflow when it’s time to do some surface swimming. When not needed, it simply stays out of the way. Designed to be the perfect companion to Scubapro’s Spectra masks (see SKU: SCPMSPT) the restyled Spectra Dry is nothing if not the ideal snorkel. Its large-bore upper tube allows plenty of airflow, and its new dry top design actually seals the tube when the snorkel is submerged so no clearing is needed upon resurfacing. An efficient purge valve positioned at the lowest point of the snorkel expels any water that might make its way into the airway, preventing that annoying gurgling sensation you get when breathing off a “wet” snorkel.

The lower corrugated portion of the tube is flexible so when you switch to your regulator the mouthpiece hangs down and out of the way. When you return to the surface and switch back to snorkel breathing, the regulator-style mouthpiece fits securely between the teeth, ensuring a comfortable fit no matter how long the swim back to the boat or the beach. The replaceable mouthpiece and the flexible tube are both made from high quality silicone. Snorkel comes equipped with a quick-connect clip makes it easy to attach or remove snorkel from mask strap.

MPN: 26.722.700

GTIN: 4048336104654

Approx. $70.00 retail


Scubapro Scout Mask – Black with Pink Strap

The perfect dual lens for any face shape, the low volume SCOUT offers a comfortable fit, good field of view, plus it clears easily. The softly textured nose pocket is indented, making it easy to grip and clear without affecting the entire seal around your face. The double-sealed silicone skirt provides a watertight seal, and swivel buckles offer effortless adjustment to achieve that perfect fit.

MPN: 24.826.000

GTIN: 4048336323482

Approx. $85.00 retail


Scubapro Mask Fin & Snorkel Beach Bag – Black

Keep valuables safe and accessible when spending a day at the beach, The Scubapro beach bag lets you enjoy a trouble-free day at the shore. Designed to carry a complete snorkel set, the Beach Bag offers compartments to hold keys and wallet. A top handle and shoulder strap are provided for convenient carrying.

Made of a combination of 420D nylon NT, 450D rip-stop and 600D polyester with polyester thread stitching. Bag has multiple zippered pockets for organization, mesh ventilation panels for rapid drainage and drying of bags content. The mesh panel design also allows you to drop the bag and its content into the wash tank at the resort or bathtub at the hotel or home to rinse everything off while still in the bag.

MPN: 53.329.000

Approx. $40.00 retail


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