VOX Valvetronix Tube Preamp VT40X 40-Watt Modeling Amp


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  • In great condition with some minor damage to outer vinyl covering.
  • Tested and works great.
  • Includes power supply.
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About This Item

The VOX VT40X is a powerful 40-watt modeling amplifier designed to deliver high-quality sound and exceptional versatility. Featuring the innovative Virtual Element Technology (VET) and a multi-stage Valvetronix tube preamp, this amp captures the nuances of classic tube amplifiers with remarkable accuracy. The tightly sealed cabinet and proprietary bass-reflex design ensure impressive resonance and tonal depth. With the VOX Tone Room software, you can deeply customize your amp models and effects, offering a wide range of sounds for any playing style.


  • Output Power: 40 Watts RMS
  • Impedance: 5 Ohms
  • Speaker: 1 x 10″ Standard Speaker
  • Inputs:
    1 x Normal Input Jack
    1 x Aux Input Jack
    1 x Foot Switch Jack
    1 x USB (type B) Mini Port
  • Outputs: 1 x Headphone Jack
  • Controls: Power Level, Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Amp
  • Model Selector, 5 x User Defined Selectors, 3 x Effects Selectors, 2 x User Defined Value Knobs, Bias Shift, Class Selector
  • Amp Models: 11 (20 with VOX Tone Room Software)
  • Effects:
  • Pedal 2 Types: 4 (FLANGER, PHASER, TREMOLO, DELAY)
  • Reverb Types: 4 (ROOM, SPRING, HALL, PLATE)
  • Noise Reduction: 1
  • Programs: 33 (60 with VOX Tone Room Software), 8 User
  • Programs (2 banks x 4 channels)
  • Signal Processing:
    A/D Conversion: 24-bit
    D/A Conversion: 24-bit


  • VET Modeling Engine: Uses Virtual Element Technology for highly accurate amp sounds.
  • Valvetronix Tube Preamp: Multi-stage preamp with authentic analog circuitry for genuine tube amp tones.
  • Sealed Cabinet & Bass-Reflex Design: Enhances resonance and delivers deep, rich sound.
  • Tone Room Software: Allows for extensive customization of amp models and effects, compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • USB Connectivity: Easy integration with various platforms for deep editing and control.
  • Wide Range of Effects and Models: 11 amp models (expandable to 20) and multiple effect types to suit any musical style.
  • Compact & Portable: Lightweight design makes it easy to transport.

Additional Information

  • Brand: VOX
  • Model: VT40X
  • MPN: VT40X
  • GTIN: 0682500005954
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Used
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