Lot of 10 Republic of China Liberty Bonds CN $10 4% Interest with Pass-Co COA


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Item Details

  • All include PASS-CO COAs & Sleeves.
  • In excellent condition with little to no wear.
  • All are uncancelled with 33 coupons each.
  • Shipping Fedex 2 Day.

About This Item

This collection features 10 genuine Republic of China Liberty Bonds, each with a denomination of CN$10 and a 4% interest rate. These bonds are in circulated condition, showcasing minor signs of wear consistent with their age. Despite this, they remain in excellent condition with little to no significant damage. Each bond in this lot includes a PASS-CO Certificate of Authenticity (COA), ensuring their genuineness and adding value for collectors. The bonds are uncancelled, meaning they retain their original state with 33 attached coupons, further enhancing their collectible appeal.


  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Denomination: CN$10
  • Interest Rate: 4%
  • Condition: Circulated
  • Quantity: Lot of 10
  • Coupons: 33 per bond
  • Certification: PASS-CO COA


  • Historical Significance: These bonds are a piece of financial history from the Republic of China, representing a time of economic development and political change.
  • Collectible Value: The inclusion of PASS-CO COAs and the bonds being uncancelled with original coupons make this lot particularly valuable for collectors.

Additional Information

  • Brand: Republic of China
    Model:  4% Liberty Bond
    MPN: China4%bond
    GTIN: 395433929658
    Color: Standard print and paper
    Condition: Used
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